Which Basketball Shoes Can I Wear For Volleyball?

Which Basketball Shoes Can I Wear For Volleyball?

For a start, volleyball shoes are the perfect fit for the game, not basketball shoes. That is because of the way they are designed and padded at the soles to match the demands of the volleyball court surfaces.

Volleyball shoes have rubber gum soles which are different from the traditional rubber-soled basketball shoes. This difference helps the overall functionality and weight valuation of the shoes specifically designed for the game in view.

That said, there is improved engineering in some basketball shoes that makes them quite profound for volleyball. There are also almost similar movements and requirements that both games share as on-court performance features which new innovations in basketball shoes support.

The overall attraction will be for basketball shoes that generally provide the traction, functionality, cushioning, and ankle protection that a volleyball player needs. 

Which Basketball Shoes Can I Wear For Volleyball?
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Basketball Shoes That Can Be Used For Volleyball

1. Nike Kobe

Kobe’s name is synonymous to initial tributary mention, especially now that he is no longer with us.

There are two mentions here for his collections: the Nike Kobe Mentality and Nike Kobe Bryant Mamba Rage are both good considerations for volleyball.

The shoes are good for volleyball because they provide perfect cushioning. The cushioning is such that it saves your heels from hurting.

They both also have perfect grip that allows you to have the best and swiftest of movements on the volleyball court. The shoes are also lightweight and give great freedom to the feet. 

Nike Men's Kobe Mamba Rage Basketball Shoes (10, Black/Dark Grey-M)

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2. Jordan CP3 12

The Jordan Chris Paul model is also a good shoe for volleyball. The upper materials are of excellent quality and are very comfortable on the foot.

The upper is made of flyknit which makes the shoe feel extremely soft and pliable.

The other important factor is the cushioning feature which is lightweight. It has a pyhlon setup and a zoom section just at the forefront which makes it a good value for an extra bounce motivation.

These are all important and comforting additions to a volleyball player who feels this could be a good substitute for volleyball shoes. 

Jordan Men's CP3.XII Basketball Shoes (15)

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3. Nike Zoom KD 12

The predictability about Nike is mostly on the level of consistency and being true to the quality of production. This is again reemphasized with the Kevin Durant signature shoe, Nike Zoom KD 12.

This shoe debuts and features footwear technologies like the Flyknit fabric and it has a responsive Zoom Air cushion. This provides locked-in comfort and support for volleyball players.

This is unarguably a good fit for volleyball players with the needed foot cushioning through jumps and starts or stops. The shoe is also not a disregard at the aesthetics level. It comes in different flashy shades and designs that make it a great attraction on court. 

Nike Men's Zoom KD12 Black/Metallic Silver/White Synthetic Basketball Shoes 11.5 M US

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4. Kyrie 5

This is the signature sneaker for the respected NBA point guard Kyrie Irving. The Kyrie 5 comes in view of unending positive raves and reviews within the basketball game circle and that is totally earned.

The shoe is rubber-soled with angled traction sections that allow it to move in various directions without losing grip on the floor.

The overwhelming difference between volleyball shoes and basketball shoes is largely true to this fact. Volleyball shoes love their grips and sort of demand it on the surface they play in. This shoe easily fills in for that.

The shoe, just like most volleyball shoes, also offers good ankle protection and that is aided by the cushion setup which is low profile. Zoom turbo, which is the cushion setup, offers support that allows for ease of bounce, giving that effective feeling of stability and security to the ground. 

Nike Mens Kyrie 5 Basketball Shoe (Rainbow Soles) (12)

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5. Under Armour Curry 2

Stephen Curry is perhaps one of the greatest (if not the greatest) ball shooter in the NBA currently. He is also the face behind the Under Armour collection.

However the value of the Curry 2 is not predicated upon just on the Stephen value, but the myriads of comely features that the shoe possesses.

The shoe’s design is part of the aesthetics attraction that makes certain shoes not just on-court hits but also hits off the the court.

However, since this is an argument about on-court values, this shoe has dedicated cushion and very dogged heel counter which makes it a great substitution for volleyball shoes.

The shoe also has a speedform upper that is knit-like which offers breathability, a useful “breather” for volleyball shoes. 

Under Armour Curry 2"Floor General 1259007-601 Red/ady/mgo Size 11

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6. Adidas Crazylight Boost

The Adidas Crazylight Boost sounds like a name that speaks a whole lot about itself which is not really untrue.

These basketball shoes are “crazy fast and light”, and the reviewer who made the comment on Amazon isn’t far from factual accuracy.

The speed is a testament to the underlying changes in the shoe technology, and this isn’t just about speed. It is also about cushioning.

Such a lightweight basketball shoe with a highly cushioned technology intervention is the kind of basketball shoe that you won’t mind using as a volleyball shoe.

adidas Performance Mens Crazylight Boost 2018 Basketball Shoes - 15US Black

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7. LeBron 17

This basketball shoe is one of the latest in the LeBron James Nike’s shoe collection. Though LeBron’s collections border mostly on power play — thereby making it a heavy shoe — it nevertheless gives a combined cushioning effect that makes it great to play volleyball with.

The shoe has a foam pad that is placed under the Max Air and it is complemented with the Air Zoom which is at the forefoot.

Nike Mens Lebron 17 Basketball Shoes (10, Black/White/Eggplant/Amarillo)

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8. Nike Hperdunk X Team

Don’t freak out on the dunk label. The closest you have in the game is the signature jump, but that is an important part of the game to master, for efficient as well as effective on-court performances.

When you make your jump, you are not expected to be suspended in the air forever, you eventually come down. One of the qualities that the volleyball is padded for is the impact you have on your landing jumps.

The Hyperdunk shoe is, therefore, a perfect fit for your aerial flight and suspension, but it is also a good cushioning shoe that helps you reduce the impact of landing back on your shoe.

This will be a quick reference for many volleyball players who are still making moves to perfect their jump games. Maybe you have a piece to sail you high in flight here. Just maybe. 

Nike Men's Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoe University Red/Black/White Size 9 M US

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9. Adidas Harden Vol 3

The James Harden collection also comes with a history of basketball shoe brands that have the innate features to give the kind of performance you anticipate and need in a volleyball game.

The Adidas Harden vol 3 comes in handy with so many attractions in that fashion. The immediate attraction of the shoe is its grip. Volleyball is all about the grip; a big, important part of the game.

The shoe’s materials are also designed with impressive, combined aesthetics that make it one of the most attractive footwear in the space of sporting wear.

adidas Harden Vol. 3 Shoe - Men's Basketball (10 M US, Core Black/Grey/Scarlet)

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10. Jumpman Diamond

This is a mid-top basketball shoe (= basketball shoes that support speed and ample cushioning, especially on protecting the ankles).

The cushion set up of the shoe is on the forefoot as a zoom unit and that inflects generally for comfort and a little bit of bounce.

The shoe also has dual caged areas at both the medial and lateral side. That allows it to provide impeccable ankle and foot support that makes your feet feel so secured.

However, this might somewhat get into the ankle bones and achilles, and if you are sensitive to this, you might want to reconsider using as such might give an odd feeling to your foot. But if not, you have a real pick for volleyball games in this one.

Jordan Jumpman Diamond Mid CI1204 001, Size 10.5

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11. The Nike LeBron James Witness III

LeBron James is currently enjoying a different season at the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers, and this shoe could represent the versatility of the player to crisscross across teams as it is for the shoe to be useful in two sports.

First, the shoe has premium materials that allow for ventilation right at the feet, such breathability gives your feet a breathing feeling by the foot without feeling soreness or burning irritation.

The soft materials might not offer the full stability and lateral support you need in games, but that can be sorted on the court.

Also, just like many volleyball shoes, this shoe boasts of a solid grip. The outsole might just prove to be as valuable as a volleyball shoe specifically designed for the game.

The shoe also provides ankle support that a volleyball shoe will be envious of. While it might be hard to find the perfect support for lateral movements here, the shoe still fits where it matters most. 

Nike Men's Lebron Witness III Basketball Shoe Black/University Red Size 10 M US

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The list provides an ample opportunity to get a feel of potential basketball shoes that can also qualify as use in the volleyball game.

However, the initial point is worth noting again. While this might be a perfect case for substitutionary usage, sports are wont to favor designed shoes for specific or designated sport.

So, your volleyball shoes are still your best bet. However, if you are eager to make a case for basketball shoes, there you have it!

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