Where Can I Customize My Own Basketball Shoes?

Where Can I Customize My Own Basketball Shoes? — 7 Great Options

Everybody loves to stand out. Even when the situation calls for everyone to appear in like fashion, our personalities stick out and will not be suppressed.

One way we express ourselves is with our clothing. Everyone has the freedom to express themselves as they please, as long as those expressions do not harm another person. 

On the court, you can find two sneakers of the same model from the same brand looking different due to customization.

Where Can I Customize My Own Basketball Shoes?
Photo by Mister Mister from Pexels

In today’s article, we will be pointing you to places where you can get your basketball shoe’s customization done.

We are not talking about prep school art classes. We are talking designs that will attract attention to your basketball shoes on and off the court.

Where To Get It Done

1. Nike By You

Launching Nike iD in 2000 placed Nike among the first brands to venture into the area of personalization. Now rebranded as Nike By You, the customization service has expanded from being just on the website to include more than 100 in-store design studios all over the world.

The New York store which was opened in 2018 offers a custom-made shoe design service. After booking an appointment with a consultant, you can have your custom basketball shoes created on-site. 

Nike By You is set to allow you to express all facets of your identity and individuality. The service can be said to be in two layers. The first representing Nike, where key elements of the brand like the swoosh symbol, extra bold condensed typeface, and a black and white palette are maintained.

The second layer represents you, the customer, and features different colors and graphics that allow numerous iterations for any Nike product of your choice.

Simply head over to the brand’s official website and select the ‘Customize’ option to be creative and customize your basketball shoes online with Nike By You.


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2. Vans Customs

Vans is the shoe brand known best for its mark on pop culture and youth culture. There is hardly any youth since 1966 who has not rocked at least one pair of Vans.

With Vans Customs, the brand offers you the opportunity to customize your basketball shoes online by creating sneakers that reflect your personality using customized colors and patterns.

So, if you go through the official website and happen to find a pair of already customized sneakers designed by someone else, and love it, you are free to purchase that pair as it is.

3. YourReebok

With Reebok’s customization system — YourReebok — you get to start your customization from scratch – with a blank canvas and 30 sneaker design options.

This means that virtually every part of the basketball shoe is up for personal interpretation. That is after selecting the shoe you want to design, of course. 

The first thing you will be required to do after getting your blank canvas is to select your appropriate basketball shoe size, and then you move over to select base color and pattern of the shoe.

With up to 16 different colors to choose from, a high level of creativity is expected from you to color the other parts of the basketball shoe like the toe, side logo, overlay, and heel.

And although people may not be paying attention to the bottom of their basketball shoes, you get to make a color combination choice for your shoe’s outsole. You can be pleased you will not be getting boring-looking soles. 

Finally, you get to select colors for the top of the basketball shoe, the lining, and the laces. It takes between three to five weeks from creating a design to have the basketball shoes delivered to you. So, the sooner the better. Just head over to the official Reebok website to get started.

Reebok Men's Royal BB4500H2 XE Sneaker, White/Light Solid Grey,11 W US

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4. Farfetch

In collaboration with popular brands and icons, like Swear and Emilio Pucci, the brand Farfetch allows you to customize some sneakers using 3D technology. This ensures that you own what no else has.

The 3D technology allows you to see and choose the sneakers’ elements from the material and laces to the color combinations. 

You need to be highly creative to do your customization on this site, as intricate details will need your attention. The choices available to you range from the outsoles to the eyelets, lining to the laces, and the upper.

As you design, your basketball shoes will be produced to do all the talking on your behalf. Although this brand provides this service at a very high price, you will agree that what they offer is unique.

5. BrandYourShoes

From the name, you can already tell what the brand does: they brand shoes, basketball shoes as well. They operate a pretty simple and straightforward system. You first start at the configurator to make your design by choosing a style, the materials, and uploading your logo.

Yes, you read right. This brand caters to the needs of organizations and not just individuals. So, with their help, you get to create shoes that will advertise your organization or champion a particular cause of yours.

The brand promises the best quality at competitive prices because they are aware that it is all about branding.

The models available for you to choose from for your sneaker designs are Vintage, Classic, Retro, and Urban. After designing, the department in charge of design will confirm your design, and the manufacturing department will take it up from there.

Where Can I Customize My Own Basketball Shoes?
Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

You do not need to worry yourself over anything, including the sizes of the shoes, as all the information you need will be made available to you during the process. Your customized basketball shoes will be ready and your possession in about 45 days. 

BrandYourShoes produces, at least, 30 pairs of shoes per order. And the price depends on the model and quantity of the shoes. Typically, the higher the quantity, the lower the price.

Also, it is possible to create a custom basketball shoe prototype with your design. After the first order, you can only replenish when you reorder at least 25 pairs of the same design and model.

6. AliveShoes

AliveShoes does not just allow you to customize your basketball shoes online, but the opportunity to start a custom shoe label. You get to take the lead of your brand.

With the brand’s site, you can customize a logo for both the sneakers and the packaging. You have the option of designing a pair of unique basketball shoes for yourself or just designing them and buying in bulk to resell your design.

You get to design your basketball shoes by choosing from over 70 types of bases, limited-edition options, and numerous colors and materials. You do not need to worry about production and logistics, as they have got it all covered.

You can be assured that your sneakers will be made with high-quality Italian materials. Your sneakers will get to you within six weeks. So, you should not only spend money on new sneakers but also make money by selling your designs. 

Jordan Air Big Fund, White / Metallic Silver-black, 11

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7. B Street Shoes

What makes this brand stand out from the others on the list is their custom painting. Every pair of shoes that passes through B Street Shoes is custom hand-painted by their team of skilled in-house artists.

The brand is led by Blake Barash. They look forward to hearing your design challenge and getting the job done to exceed your expectations. 

B Street Shoes have been commended for having excellent customer experience management. Each of your questions, whether you think them silly or not, will be answered.

All their shoes are sold exclusively online and shipped out from their shoe studio, which they refer to as a ‘Shoedio’, in Costa Mesa, California.

Head over to their website, feed your eyes, contact them, and feed their ears with all your design requests and wait for them to come through on time. Usually way ahead of schedule, as we have heard.

Where Can I Customize My Own Basketball Shoes?
Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

Closing Comments

It is important to note that you might need to spend some more money when you go for one of the listed options than you would when you go for another.

Make sure that you carefully weigh your options, so that after designing your dream basketball shoes, you do not get to forego purchasing them due to a financial constraint.

We are confident that there is an option that will fit well into your budget, now that you know where to look.

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