What Are Basketball Shoes Made Of?
Depending on the specific shoe of reference, basketball shoes are made from different materials. This is clear right from the starting point of the shoes manufacture. There is what is called the last model which is like the blueprint you use to mass produce other pairs of your basketball shoes. It can be a metallic… (0 comment)

How To Get Grip On Basketball Shoes — 5 Great Tips
Making sharp turns and motions during a basketball game is hard enough; it could be even more difficult if your feet don’t have much traction in relation to the floor. Shoes lose this traction due to accumulation of dust and wax of the court floor. Better grip on your shoes ensures better traction, making your… (0 comment)

How To Wear Basketball Shoes
From Michael Jordan to LeBron James, we’ve seen the best basketball superstars adorn some of the most technically advanced footwear for the sake of the game of basketball. Basketball shoes have gone beyond just being used to play basketball. People all over the world now wear basketball shoes casually as a fashion statement. They are… (0 comment)

What Are The Best Basketball Shoes?
Of all existing sports, none depend on shoes like basketball. As important as skills are, the shoes you have on will affect your play to a large extent. So, that raises the question, what are the best basketball sneakers in the market? In this article, we’ll be giving a detailed answer to this question. Now,… (0 comment)