How Are Volleyball Shoes Different From Basketball Shoes?

How Are Volleyball Shoes Different From Basketball Shoes?

People have the tendency to substitute and replace without understanding the limitations and difference. The same is true of some people’s attitude to the use of volleyball shoes and basketball shoes.

Many times, amateur volleyball sessions are done in basketball shoes and that is really not the best.

Volleyball shoes are designed specifically for volleyball games the same way basketball shoes are specifically designed for basketball games.

Understanding that we buy shoes for different events, tasks and/or sports is essential in the right choice of shoes for the volleyball court to allow for physical comfort and determine effective performance.

How Are Volleyball Shoes Different From Basketball Shoes?
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Trends And Differences

Just like basketball, a lot has changed in the game of volleyball in the last few years. Those changes are also shared and motivated by the realities on and off the court.

Parts of those realities are the shifts and changes in the kinds of footwear used in each of the games.

Volleyball has evolved over the years to develop footwear that are in sync with new technological innovations and consumer preferences. The initial reality was that running shoes were passable and popular footwear when the sport was shaping up.

However, it was later discovered that they couldn’t provide the necessary traction and stability that are central to on-court performances. Well, that is no longer the case.

The trend in basketball wears — especially at the virality of signature sneakers — is to provide a mix of beautiful designs and materials that are suitable to a player’s style of play.

Volleyball shoes have also emerged to be performance-driven products that have consequence for winning games. So, the major differences between volleyball shoes and basketball shoes are in their soles and their weights. 

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1. Sole Types

A key component difference between the two shoes is their bottom soles, and they are designed differently to cater to their different court surfaces.

Most volleyball shoes — unlike basketball shoes that have traditional rubber sole — have gum rubber sole materials.

Gum rubber is a very important material because of the movement of play on a volleyball court.

The game is played on the currency of movements. Volleyball players make several quick cuts in a game, running, stopping, starting game point on what is a rather shiny, smooth, and if not careful, a slippery surface.

Volleyball shoes are, therefore, designed with gum rubber to cope with these kinds of surfaces, by giving them excellent traction or grip so that players don’t slide on the floor.

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Naturally, when a volleyball shoe has a better grip, it reduces the chances of excessive slippages that could instigate ankle injuries.

It is important to state clearly that rubber gum is different from the rubber material that is generally used in athletic shoes. If you take a running shoe, for instance, the track surface is an entirely different one that already gives traction.

More so, the regular rubber-soled shoes work perfectly well for such surface. That’s why just any kind of sneakers might not be a wise choice on a volleyball’s court surface.

Also, there is a different midsole padding in shoes designed for each sport. When you examine the basketball’s midsoles, they are more focused around cushioning; to support running back and forth as it is with many running shoes.

In fact, majority of basketball shoes’ insoles are exactly the midsoles. That is unlike volleyball shoes that are specifically made to support the balls of their foot which is where volleyball players spend their time mostly.

Inner cushioning for volleyball is best achieved if predicated on the use of a wave technology shoe, or preference or choice of a shoe based in its gel cushioning system.

Volleyball shoes with these qualities are better equipped to absorb the potential shock you would put your body through when you make quick cuts, have hard landings, or make sudden stops. 

2. Weight

Volleyball shoes are designed to allow players accomplish higher jumps or make faster movements which makes them to be generally lighter in weight compared to basketball shoes.

Weight of shoes is not often thought deeply about, especially when it comes to which to buy. However, the upper materials of volleyball shoes are made of nylon or mesh materials; the goal is to make them lightweight and so that air can find its way into foot.

It is so important for the foot to breathe as this helps to keep it cooler. It also reduces moisture.

Playing volleyball requires players to time movements better and be able to move quickly, either forward or backward, or even to the side.

Players must be able to anticipate ball landings and make swift movements to alter flow and restart as quickly as possible; doing all these without losing the team’s game plan.

The movement on court is so unique to the game, the jumps that serve as precursor to other movements – the blocks, the hits, the serves – play into the need to use shoes that enhance performance on the court and inform durability.

Utilizing the appropriate technology as footwear for the game keeps your knees, ankles and feet safe. 

So, the materials, which impact on the weight, are deliberately chosen to be light and designed to match the foot’s shape. That way, you can move effortlessly around the court and still be successful in your body control.

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Over the years, people have made passionate plea about the danger of ignoring volleyball shoes. Most times they are charged with invested emotions, and rightly so.

The game indeed suffers when the revenue for the sport goes into a game that has already established its popularity above board. But this is more about making the right choice for your personal and professional safety.

The same way, you do not advocate for running shoes to play a basketball game is the same way a volleyball player should not use a basketball shoe for playing volleyball.

You must ensure that you make choices in view of the best quality to support your game. The issue is that your volleyball shoe must give the grip, shock absorbance, and support that your game needs to be excellent on the volleyball court.

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