How To Get Smell Out Of Basketball Shoes
With every sport comes some measure of perspiration. You sweat. That means that sweat drips all over you, from your head to your toes. Basketball shoes are not immune from dirt and smells. The odor can be from your feet or it can be from the moisture in your shoe. Bacteria feed off of sweat… (0 comment)

How To Clean White Basketball Shoes
The thing with white shoes is that they attract attention. Your eyes just move to them of their own accord. And guess what? Dirt also gets attracted to them. White shoes are that brilliant. In spite of how much dirt they attract, white sneakers are a must-have for every shoe closet, whether male or female.… (0 comment)

How To Choose The Right Basketball Shoes
Basketball shoes each come with different hype and specificity, depending on what they are designed for. People choose the kind of shoes that fit them depending on their style of play, but everyone is usually concerned about getting the basics sorted. The basics will mean that, for basketball players to do well or last in… (0 comment)

How To Lace Basketball Shoes — 6 Great Techniques
There is hardly anything made by man that is without a purpose. That includes the laces on your basketball shoes. Apart from aesthetics, the laces help your feet fit comfortably in the shoes. When you wear shoes that have a perfect fit, you are less likely to return home after some time out with injuries,… (0 comment)

How To Get Grip On Basketball Shoes — 5 Great Tips
Making sharp turns and motions during a basketball game is hard enough; it could be even more difficult if your feet don’t have much traction in relation to the floor. Shoes lose this traction due to accumulation of dust and wax of the court floor. Better grip on your shoes ensures better traction, making your… (0 comment)

How To Wear Basketball Shoes
From Michael Jordan to LeBron James, we’ve seen the best basketball superstars adorn some of the most technically advanced footwear for the sake of the game of basketball. Basketball shoes have gone beyond just being used to play basketball. People all over the world now wear basketball shoes casually as a fashion statement. They are… (0 comment)

How To Clean Basketball Shoes
Let’s face it, nobody just buys basketball shoes to stare at them in the box and admire them. No! When you put on those New Balance KAWHI’s, we bet you want to feel as “fly” as Kawhi Leonard himself feels when he steps on the court in them. But you know, when you step out… (0 comment)